6 simple but useful garage organization tips

Messy Garage

Does this picture look scary or familiar to you? or maybe both?!

The garage is one of the most difficult places to clean up. You probably feel overwhelmed looking at all your tools and equipment, and don’t know where to start. The problem with avoiding a garage cleanup is that it only gets harder the longer you leave it.

The time spent de-cluttering the garage is time well spent. An organized garage helps keep everything in order, and makes it so much easier for you to find your tools and equipment when you need them.

You can however make use of these 6 garage organization tips to make the task much easier.

1. Start with the planning

It is not possible, or practical to empty the garage overnight. Spending some time planning things will help quicken the process, and make it so much easier. Jot down how you want the garage to look, what you will be using the garage for and the most important things you want to keep in store.
It is during the planning phase that you get a vision of how you can make maximum use of the other storage areas of your garage, and home. For example, the things which you do not use much may be better stored in the attic instead of the garage. You can use the garage space to store other more important and regularly used items.

2. Empty the garage

Now that you know what you want, the next step involves emptying the garage. Shift everything to a large area like the driveway and then decide what you have, what you need and what has to be donated and discarded.
You next have to make an inventory of the things you have left. Decide what you want to keep, and categorize them so that you find it much easier to put them back in the garage once again.

3. Clean the garage

This is when you give your garage a good deep cleaning. It is better if you use a broom and not a vacuum because it reaches the corners better, and can also be used to remove all the cobwebs.
Once the dust is removed, it is time to give the floors a good scrub and mopping. Do not forget to address any repairs that need attention, and look for any nests or infestations that have to be dealt with.

4. Integrate and start storing things

      • With your things sorted out, it is now time to decide what goes where. This is where you have to allocate separate spaces and storage units for your belongings. Here are some useful suggestions to use for categorizing your things:You can use a freestanding shelf to group all similar tools like rollers, trays and paintbrushes. It makes it so much easier to find and use them when needed.
      • In case of your gardening tools, you could store them in a corner storage unit or hang them on the wall. This way you have all your gardening equipment in one place, and also make use of the corner space.If possible store gardening equipment next to the door so that your shoes don’t end up leaving trails of soil throughout the garage while looking for different tools. It’s even better if it’s somewhere close to a water source. This makes it convenient to wash and keep the tools aside after use.
      • Hanging a coat rack proves useful on cold or rainy days. You can use it to hang your wet accessories like umbrellas and raincoats. A shoe storage area next to an access door to the house helps keep floors inside clean.
      • If you have bikes you could use a monkey bar to store them in minimal space. These bars save your horizontal space by making use of the walls’ vertical space.It’s so much easier to store bikes after use as bikes are large and tend to fall when bumped into. Just make sure you secure the bikes properly before hanging them.
      • A pegboard system is the best storage unit for storing all your hand tools, powertools and equipment in an orderly manner. This makes it so much easier for you to access them when needed.There are various types of pegboards to select from like epoxy, timber and metal. A metal pegboard – specifically a stainless steel pegboard is a great option for the garage. They are sturdily built, can be directly mounted onto the wall, are easy to maintain and do not easily corrode.
      • Use adjustable wall racks to make maximum use of the vertical space. You can arrange the shelves appropriately so that you can place everything you plan to store in these racks.
      • It is worth investing in a wall mount kitchen knife magnet if you have lots of metal tools, knives and paintbrushes to hang to dry after use.
      • Sports enthusiasts should allocate some space in their garage for their equipment. You can perhaps hang some of the gear you use regularly, and keep other lesser used items in storage unit bins.
      • If you have space, you could also create some individual storage space for your kids in the garage. This is where you can store their shoes, gym bags, shoes and sports equipment so that your home is kept in a more orderly fashion.


5. Have your own work area

If you are a DIY person, you could also add a dedicated space to work on small and big projects in the garage. You can either buy or build a simple workbench to provide the necessary space for your projects. You could even hang your pegboard here for easy access to your tools and small items.

6. Proper lighting and ventilation

Make sure that the garage is properly illuminated. You have so many things stored in it that you will find it frustrating trying to find them later on if there’s no proper lighting. It’s also worth getting a ventilation fan if your garage door cannot be opened and provide for proper ventilation.
These 6 tips can help make your task of organizing the garage so much easier. So now all there is to do is start! Start sorting, throwing, cleaning, boxing, labelling hanging and before you know it you’ll be on the way to garage organization heaven.