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Steve setting up pegboard
Steve welding

Who would have thought a threaded hole could have such a huge impact? 

Product innovations often come about because of a need to solve a frustrating problem.

Engineer & designer Steve was totally frustrated that he couldn’t find a high quality pegboard to hold his tools securely without hooks and accessories continually falling off. There was way to much swearing and cursing coming from his garage!

He also wanted a large sized pegboard that wouldn’t warp or bend under a large load – it needed to be a heavy duty stainless steel pegboard that wouldn’t easily rust, was commercial grade and that looked great.

After an exhaustive search resulted in nothing, he decided to design and engineer it himself. This became a life changing decision that involved the rather massive step of setting up a new manufacturing business and relocating the entire family.

After a long period of research and development Steve has arrived at a product that meets all his requirements, that has totally unique features and delivers a new level of quality in pegboard storage systems.

We’re happy to say that things have settled down a lot in Steve’s garage. The cursing has stopped and there is a renewed sense of peace and calm!

We’re even happier to say that the new pegboard system is being received with great delight by our customers who also seem to be appreciating the many benefits of System X in their workshops, factories, restaurants, garages and storerooms.

Steve setting up pegboard

‘This product is light years ahead of anything else out there – it’s a perfect 10.’