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Medium Double Hook Backless (Pack of 5)


Stainless Steel Medium Double Hook Backless for Pegboard, 5 Inches Long

      • 5 piece pack provides great value for hanging items such as hammers and other hand tools
      • Made from 304 stainless steel for strength and durability
      • Light duty double hook for holding up to 10 pounds
      • Comes complete with mounting screws for a System X pegboard
      • PVC sleeves on the arms of the hook prevent your items from slipping and damage

The fasteners supplied are designed to be installed into the System X pegboard only.
If the hooks are to be installed without a System X pegboard, other fasteners will be required.

This System X pack of 5 of medium double hooks are perfect for hanging single items that are light from hammers, rakes and brooms to electrical tools. Get common items around your house or workplace setup and stored properly so they are clearly seen easy to get access to. Simple to mount onto a System X pegboard with the fasteners provided. Made from high quality and sturdy 304 stainless steel, the stylish medium double hooks offers the best of reliability and performance with no paint to flake off to keep looking great. Enjoy the durability of PVC sleeves on each of the arms to make sure your items are protected and don’t slip.

Weight0.73 kg
Dimensions3.9 × 5.08 × 2.85 cm
Warranty DetailsClick Here
Maximum Weight Capacity20 lbs


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